Maria Pia


Built in the 19th century, the former Chalet of Queen D. Maria Pia of Savoy is one of the most emblematic buildings of Monte Estoril. It is part of its nineteenth-century network near the coast and is flanked by equally relevant buildings.

The present project concerns the Chalet Rehabilitation, which is intended as a dominant and structuring element of the space on the plot and views from the outside, as well as the construction of two dwelling buildings on the same plot.

The two proposed new buildings, as isolated volumes, seek to fit harmoniously into the morphological and typological characteristics of the surrounding building fabric, whether by their volume, altimetry, ground positioning and materiality. Its positioning within the lot and the containment of its altitudes results from the importance of maintaining the coastal view system.

As a unique presence, the Chalet will continue to have a predominant and intensified reading in place, always guided by the imperative to preserve and enhance its most relevant architectural and decorative elements, while adapting it to the natural demands of safety and comfort today.

The project also proposes an extensive garden fully renovated, constituting as a podium from which to get unparalleled views of the Cascais Bay.


Stone Capital

Monte Estoril, Cascais, Portugal


6530 m2 Gross Building Area


ARX Portugal, Arquitectos lda.

Nuno Mateus

José Mateus


Raquel de Sousa Henriques, André Pires, Clara Scarlatti, Marcelo Cardia, Luísa Martinho



Foundations and Structure

Paulo Ribeiro

Waters, Sewers, Gas, Thermal, Acoustics

CTQ – Projetos de Engenharia e Gestão de Empreendimentos, Lda

Sci, HVAC, Electricity, ITED, Elevators, Thermal

Prosirtec, Projectos e Serviços Técnicos, Lda

Landscape architecture

NPK – Arquitectos Paisagistas Associados

Visualization and 3D

1825 empreiteiros digitais