Rossio de Aveiro


Rossio de Aveiro is on the edge of the historical center of the old medieval city, in a transitional space between the natural and urban context between marshland and marines and the compact city.

Hinged in a structuring natural context of the city’s own image, with the canals of the estuary that penetrate the consolidated urban network allowing for drainage and communication by boat, the Rossio countryside is still located today at the interface between the city and the maritime public domain. Together with other spaces, it forms a riverfront of the city, a land of strategic importance between the city and activities and transport.

A public place, wide and fruity, always associated with a certain informality, Rossio is the main stage of the city’s events and meeting.

The intervention in Rossio’s first strategy is the restructuring of an important space for the city, combining urban amenity with balance with the supportive and surrounding matrix ecological situation.

The aim was to requalify the urban experience in relation to ria, in its multiple urban and environmental, landscape and tourist, social and economic functions, through the creation of green spaces, transforming the canal into a green corridor, ecologically connecting the city center with its surroundings. A relationship is sought where water and tree vegetation establish a strong dialogue, capable of creating pleasant zones of stay and circulation near the estuary, promoting human use in contact with the canal.

This intervention proposal at Rossio determines distinct spaces, including a large multifunctional paved area where various cultural events can be located, a garden area where a tea house and terrace are located and the children’s playground, a green area adjoining the mat. with a border of arboreal vegetation that makes the interface between the stream / canal and the multifunctional open area, a new archaeological area of ​​the foundations of the Chapel of São João and an underground car park that with the elimination of almost all parking offer surface will allow a reduction of car traffic.


Aveiro Municipality

Aveiro, Portugal


26.000 m2


ARX Portugal, Arquitectos lda.

Nuno Mateus

José Mateus


André Pires, André Luís, Rodrigo Veloso, Dinis Ricardo, João Alves, Eduardo Medina Sousa, Sandy Henriques, Alessandro Brunelli, Marcelo Cardia, , Luísa Martinho, Paulo Rocha, Zalmai Levrat

Geotechnical Study, Foundations, Structures and Facilities

Sondagens do Oeste, S.A.

Traffic studies and parking demand

Engimind | Consultores em Mobilidade e Transportes


F.S. Arqueologia

Landscape Architecture

Traços na Paisagem

Foundations and structures, installations

SAFRE, Estudos e Projectos de Engenharia, Lda.

Visualization and 3D

1825 empreiteiros digitais